I'm Charles William, and I've been poking around data in sport, especially football, since 2012. It's probably about time I wrote about some of the things I've learned, but with an emphasis on how data analysis and statistics can be effectively applied to gain advantage in football.

There's a whole host of great content out there these days that delve into the numbers and provide great insight into how and why teams play the way they do. There's also some great resources that maintain up to date statistics on teams and players using the latest metrics and methodologies. I'll let the experts cover these areas. Instead I will focus on some of the less glamorous nuts and bolts of football analytics that are perhaps more theoretical in nature but nonetheless essential if attempting to apply numerical methods to football.

I will aim to keep content here as accessible as possible to everyone who is vaguely interested. There will be technical asides aplenty for those that are that way inclined.

Whilst the methods and general thoughts outlined here can be applied to any public or propitiatory data source, I will make extensive use of the fantastic open data initiatives from Metrica Sports and StatsBomb.

I'd love to hear your feedback, so please follow me on Twitter (@openGoalCharles) and feel free to email me at opengoalapp at gmail dot com.

I'm also interested in hearing about any problems concerning data and football you are looking to solve - maybe I can help? Get in touch.

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